Tuesday, July 7, 2015

TPT Product Preview: 3rd Grade Math CCSS & More!

Phew! I have just finished my 3rd Grade Math Standards Packet and I am super excited to use it myself :). I wanted to do more than just create standards on a fun and colorful background {Although that does take a good chunk of time.} In addition to the "I CAN" standards cards I have included teacher standard checklists, student mastery checklists with the Marzono 1-4 scale, BRAG Tags, and a Binder Cover with Side Tabs in multiple sizes.
One of my must-haves for this year is organization! It is my first year in 3rd grade and in a new building so I know I will feel slightly overwhelmed to say the least. I need to be prepared!!! These standards, checklists, and student mastery sheets are one way I will be more aware of the grade levels content expectations for math.
Below are some Preview Images of what my product has to offer for your classroom!

Click HERE to check out the product and further description on TPT!

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