Friday, July 31, 2015

The "No Clip" Behavior Chart

So, I have been preparing all these exciting, decorative things for my classroom... but... now I NEED to start thinking about classroom management and other important factors that will make my school year successful: curriculum, parent communication {& translation in my case}, and sorting through the doom of all tasks... my classroom library. 
Getting down to business, I thought of how I can flip the colorful behavior clip chart to become a visual aid and at times non-verbal management piece! Instead of having kids go move their clothing pin up or down, I want to tap the color they are moving down to for a non-verbal notice to students in order to refocus them without drawing the attention of others. I will put all colors on my lanyard so that they are with me throughout the day. Positive behaviors I will reinforce more verbally with constructive comments. 
I wanna know, have any of you tried this or done something similar before? I would love some feedback! 
If you're interested, I have attached links to my tables below :) 
{Actual Clip Chart not included-but easy to find on TPT!} 
Happy teaching, 

P.S. I uploaded as a PPT, so make sure that you have this program! ~It was uploaded through google docs, some font changes occurred in the process.

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