Monday, July 6, 2015


This morning was a trip to the Dollar Tree to get CRAFT SUPPLIES :) My mother (kindergarten teacher, blogger, & TPTer- 2 Scoops of Kindergarten) and I worked on creating a Pebble Alphabet.
At her school she helped build a sensory garden. These alphabet pebbles will be perfect for some outdoor learning.
Check out our image to see the visual steps to creating these gems. Also, I will go through the steps below:
1. Materials: At the Dollar Tree we bought glass pebbles (the larger ones). From the dollar spot, we got Mod Podge {what a deal!} to work as a sealant, and had paint brushes at home.
2. On my laptop we opened PPT and found clip art and a font we wanted to use. The bumble bees with the whiteboards are perfect because students will not get letters confused (p,b,q). Images were .75" Height and .7" Width.
3. Then I printed the slide and my mom cut out the images.
4. While mom cut, I started to put Mod Podge on the bottom of the pebble. This layer can be just a few swipes with your brush.
5. Next, I put the image facing the bottom so that you can see the letter and pic from the top. This time I am not shy with Mod Podge. Paint away because you want the paper to be sealed on there good.
6. Finally, we let it dry :). By this time we were able to check out the first ones completed as they were dry by now.
Time: With two people a little under an hour for 36 pebbles to be completed.
Credits: Font on Bee Board: "Monica Scribbles". Visit her TPT Store 
Bee & White Board: Whimsy Clips. Visit her TPT Store
Scallop Circle Frames in collage: Waking Up 2 Elementary {FREEBIE!}

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