Friday, July 24, 2015


Ah! So much has been happening these past few days. I've had so much creative inspiration and am starting to make things for classroom decoration as well as student materials! So... here is a freebie I made for a student self-assessment check. Marzono's well known scale has many duplicates across the web. I have seen some awesome classroom signs {for example: Chevron Learning Scale by Mrs. Cain's Creations: ALSO FREE}, BUT I wanted to try out some student materials for when students are independently working/small group tasks. Click below to access this product for download! {Also, follow me on Blog Lovin' or comment to show me some love ;)}

I'll be posting later all my creations and finds! 

1. Print circles on colored paper double sided to match number and description
2. To differentiate between the cards more easily print then put on construction paper circles {Get those friends and family helping you out :)} 
3. Punch a hole and put on a ring or paper clip {bend to make a ring}

ENJOY! Let me know what you think,


{P.S.: Shout out to A Teacher's Wonderland (
for the circle two-sided evaluation idea. She is a fourth grade teacher and has a similar product for FREE on TPT :) I created this phrasing and imagery to meet more of my students' needs! 

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