Sunday, August 2, 2015


First off, 
I CAN'T BELIEVE IT IS AUGUST! I have curriculum planning/meeting tomorrow and it is all really kicking in! In addition, TPT has their anual back to school sale!!! I have made a lot of fun and useful items this summer for myself and to share with others :) I hope you can hop over to my store and check out some purposeful and helpful back to school items that will be 20% off on August 3-4th. See you there!
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Friday, July 31, 2015

The "No Clip" Behavior Chart

So, I have been preparing all these exciting, decorative things for my classroom... but... now I NEED to start thinking about classroom management and other important factors that will make my school year successful: curriculum, parent communication {& translation in my case}, and sorting through the doom of all tasks... my classroom library. 
Getting down to business, I thought of how I can flip the colorful behavior clip chart to become a visual aid and at times non-verbal management piece! Instead of having kids go move their clothing pin up or down, I want to tap the color they are moving down to for a non-verbal notice to students in order to refocus them without drawing the attention of others. I will put all colors on my lanyard so that they are with me throughout the day. Positive behaviors I will reinforce more verbally with constructive comments. 
I wanna know, have any of you tried this or done something similar before? I would love some feedback! 
If you're interested, I have attached links to my tables below :) 
{Actual Clip Chart not included-but easy to find on TPT!} 
Happy teaching, 

P.S. I uploaded as a PPT, so make sure that you have this program! ~It was uploaded through google docs, some font changes occurred in the process.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Student Learning Scales: Check!

I have printed and made my Marzano Scales for student use and they look GREAT! I've already started brainstorming ways they can be used with my mom {Also a teacher lol}. So, here is what they can look like, for reference... (pic snagged from my instagram)

Let the projects continue!!! Onward! 
~Happy Crafting, Haley 

Friday, July 24, 2015


Ah! So much has been happening these past few days. I've had so much creative inspiration and am starting to make things for classroom decoration as well as student materials! So... here is a freebie I made for a student self-assessment check. Marzono's well known scale has many duplicates across the web. I have seen some awesome classroom signs {for example: Chevron Learning Scale by Mrs. Cain's Creations: ALSO FREE}, BUT I wanted to try out some student materials for when students are independently working/small group tasks. Click below to access this product for download! {Also, follow me on Blog Lovin' or comment to show me some love ;)}

I'll be posting later all my creations and finds! 

1. Print circles on colored paper double sided to match number and description
2. To differentiate between the cards more easily print then put on construction paper circles {Get those friends and family helping you out :)} 
3. Punch a hole and put on a ring or paper clip {bend to make a ring}

ENJOY! Let me know what you think,


{P.S.: Shout out to A Teacher's Wonderland (
for the circle two-sided evaluation idea. She is a fourth grade teacher and has a similar product for FREE on TPT :) I created this phrasing and imagery to meet more of my students' needs! 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Label the Room! {Bilingual Edition}

One thing I am trying out in my room, that may be different than other 3rd grade rooms, is putting up labels. I have created labels for over 50 items! that you would most likely see in a typical classroom. These labels show a picture, fun polkadot backgrounds & frame, and the English term followed by the Spanish term below! This will be my first year as a SIOP or sheltered instruction teacher. I want my room to always be filled with academic vocabulary {not just content vocab. but every type of terminology students will need to succeed}. This will be a colorful and purposeful way to decorate the room and demonstrate two strategy students will be accessing year-round: using pictures and their first language to help understand & expand word knowledge!

Check it Out: Click Images

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

TPT Product Preview: Classroom Checklists & Organization

              SOOO excited! Today I was allowed to have a tour around my building and see what might be my classroom! A small introduction to what will soon be my new "home" of sorts. I've been thinking A LOT about what I will need to do when I'm allowed to spend a little bit more quality time in my room.
              My mentor once advised me, as a new teacher, to carry a clipboard around with me... I have been teaching a year and a half now and have yet to TRULY take her up on that advice. Now, with a little more knowledge of the overwhelming amount of things that must be done within a school day I am deffinitely taking up the advice, in my own way.
              This product is a way to start the year organized and stay organized with important daily tasks! In addition, it's Editable! :) Check it out by clicking on image! ... By the way its {FREE}!!!
Feedback would be much appreciated ! Muchas gracias,

Saturday, July 11, 2015

SIOP Conference Day 2!

Day 2 of the conference was just as informational and filled with inspiring speakers!
If you are implementing the SIOP meathod in your classroom then I highly suggest you look into these two texts:

What AWESOME ideas they shared at the conference. And each presenter sited ideas from specific pages in the texts! 

Happy Professional Development :)


Thursday, July 9, 2015

SIOP Conference: Day 1!

You know your summer is beginning to come to a close when meetings start popping up ! I, however, was SUPER excited today. New school, new co-workers, and opportunities to learn about Sheltered Instruction Occupation Protocol!

Learned a lot and looking forward & hoping for some equally exciting presenters! 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

TPT Product Preview: 3rd Grade Math CCSS & More!

Phew! I have just finished my 3rd Grade Math Standards Packet and I am super excited to use it myself :). I wanted to do more than just create standards on a fun and colorful background {Although that does take a good chunk of time.} In addition to the "I CAN" standards cards I have included teacher standard checklists, student mastery checklists with the Marzono 1-4 scale, BRAG Tags, and a Binder Cover with Side Tabs in multiple sizes.
One of my must-haves for this year is organization! It is my first year in 3rd grade and in a new building so I know I will feel slightly overwhelmed to say the least. I need to be prepared!!! These standards, checklists, and student mastery sheets are one way I will be more aware of the grade levels content expectations for math.
Below are some Preview Images of what my product has to offer for your classroom!

Click HERE to check out the product and further description on TPT!

TECHIE Tuesday

Good afternoon Bloggers :)!

Today I would love to offer some "how-to" technology advice. Many of you have seen and possibly used a QR Code. Some processes in technology seem to last forever when you're first exploring. I know I still get that impatient feeling.
So, to help clear you of any confusion, here is my description of the steps with images to guide you along the way to learning about QR codes!

Click HERE to download this "how-to" from Google docs. :)
Please share ways you have used QR codes or any comments or questions you have for me!

Monday, July 6, 2015


This morning was a trip to the Dollar Tree to get CRAFT SUPPLIES :) My mother (kindergarten teacher, blogger, & TPTer- 2 Scoops of Kindergarten) and I worked on creating a Pebble Alphabet.
At her school she helped build a sensory garden. These alphabet pebbles will be perfect for some outdoor learning.
Check out our image to see the visual steps to creating these gems. Also, I will go through the steps below:
1. Materials: At the Dollar Tree we bought glass pebbles (the larger ones). From the dollar spot, we got Mod Podge {what a deal!} to work as a sealant, and had paint brushes at home.
2. On my laptop we opened PPT and found clip art and a font we wanted to use. The bumble bees with the whiteboards are perfect because students will not get letters confused (p,b,q). Images were .75" Height and .7" Width.
3. Then I printed the slide and my mom cut out the images.
4. While mom cut, I started to put Mod Podge on the bottom of the pebble. This layer can be just a few swipes with your brush.
5. Next, I put the image facing the bottom so that you can see the letter and pic from the top. This time I am not shy with Mod Podge. Paint away because you want the paper to be sealed on there good.
6. Finally, we let it dry :). By this time we were able to check out the first ones completed as they were dry by now.
Time: With two people a little under an hour for 36 pebbles to be completed.
Credits: Font on Bee Board: "Monica Scribbles". Visit her TPT Store 
Bee & White Board: Whimsy Clips. Visit her TPT Store
Scallop Circle Frames in collage: Waking Up 2 Elementary {FREEBIE!}

Sunday, July 5, 2015

HELLO & Welcome to Waking Up 2 Elementary :)

This is not my first attempt to blog but hopefully my most successful one! Pardon the still "under construction" blog set up. I have BIG goals of an ideal blog look and day by day am working to get there.

 I am entering an exciting chapter this fall as a 3rd grade sheltered teacher! I want to share my new experience, fun products & freebies, and hopefully gain some insight from all the fabulous teacher bloggers out there.

Shout out to my TPT store where I am putting up {what I think is} an awesome FREEBIE! One of my many goals this year is to create more collaborative discussions amongst students, not so much one student and the teacher. I believe this image and phrase-based product will help facilitate and springboard this goal. Click on the link below to snag this inspiring freebie: